Official North Jersey Pride Guide

A positive message that lasts the whole year.

It’s here! Download the 2014 Pride Guide! Read all about the new direction for LGBTQ civil rights organization now that marriage is secure; check out our Cyndi Lauper one-on-one about the fight to save our youth; get the scoop on our Pride Week events; and much more.


You can also download the 2013 Pride Guide.

The Official North Jersey Pride Guide is much more than just a program of Pride Week events. Filled with timely news articles about legislative and social issues critical to the LGBT community, it’s also must-read journalism. The current issue will focus on both the path to marriage equality in New Jersey and the fightto save our LGBT youth. In addition to feature articles, we will also include guest columns from leaders of pro-LGBT organizations and we’ll hear from straight allies about why they are so deeply committed to equality.

The Pride Guide has a shelf life of 12+ months and will reach a readership, including pass-along circulation, of more than 15,000 LGBT and straight ally individuals, couples and families all over the Garden State, and particularly Essex, Union, Hudson, Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Somerset and Middlesex counties. We will be distributing the Pride Guide free of charge at all seven Pride Week events, at retail locations around northern New Jersey, as well as the Festival. It will be available for viewing and for download on our web site as well as by email. And we will continue to distribute it all year long.

For businesses: The Guide is a unique opportunity to get your company’s LGBT-friendly message out in front of the community. Your ad in our Guide tells potential clients and customers that you care about equality and diversity–and you care about them. That’s a message they’ll remember. Fully 71% of LGBT adults say they are likely to remain loyal to a brand they believe to be very friendly and supportive to the LGBT community “even when less friendly companies may offer lower prices or be more convenient.”

For individuals: The Guide is a great way to support North Jersey Pride while getting a personal message out to friends, family or to the community as a whole. Wish a newlywed couple congrats on their recent nuptials. Welcome a new baby into the community. Or just use the space to say, “Happy Pride!”

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