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PrideFest FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about North Jersey Pride! (If we didn't address a question you have, please chat it to us using the blue button  on the lower right hand side of the page.) 

What is it? 

North Jersey Pride is one of the state's largest LGBTQ+ Pride Festivals, celebrating equality, diversity, family and community with a full day of live music and entertainment , 130 vendors, food court and large kids zone with an interactive kids stage. 

Can I bring in a cooler?

Absolutely. You can bring any food or drink you like into the park with you. Just remember that parking will be limited near the park, so if you have a heavy cooler, you'll want to bring a few muscle-y people with you to carry that thing a few blocks. If you don't feel like schlepping, we have a fantastic food court featuring such cuisines as Thai, Italian, BBQ, Mexican, American & vegetarian, plus all kinds of delicious baked goods and icy treats! 

Where can I park?


The good news is, there is definitely parking—somewhere. All parking you can find on Valley St., Baker St. Dunnell Rd. and pretty much everywhere else is FREE all day. (Please scroll down for a map of additional parking lots in Maplewood Village.) But do keep in mind we are expecting somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 people so leave some extra time to look for a spot. Also please note that Oakview will be closed to traffic and some of the parking on Dunnell Road will be roped off as well.

Could I also take a train?

Totally! If you live in a town with NJ Transit service to Maplewood, or you just want to park-and-ride, the Maplewood train station is directly across the street from the Festival. No, really—you step outside the train station (on the Dunnell Rd. side!) and you'll see it all right in front of you.

Or just take a Lyft/Uber!

Is it appropriate for kids? 

Honey, we're ALL about the kids. North Jersey Pride Festival was actually started more than a decade ago by moms who couldn't manage a double stroller down Fifth Ave. and wanted to attend a Pride Festival with a more shorts-and-tees vibe and maybe fewer assless chaps (no judgment, we love bare tushies!)


We have a HUGE kids zone right in the middle of the action (as opposed to somewhere yonder banished from the fun) where your child can attend interactive fun shows every hour on the Kids Stage and, for a $10 wristband, ride the inflatables ALL DAY! (Max cost for family is $20 - and no child will be turned away for financial reasons.)  We'll also have carnival games and crafts, free of charge. All our Main Stage entertainment is rated PG so you don't have to worry about covering your little ones' ears. It's good family fun for everyone!

I don't have kids - is this event for me? 

Absolutely! This festival is meant to be "Built for Grownups, Safe for Kids" so that means our Main Stage entertainment is geared to adults as is pretty much everything else, other than the Kids Zone. We will have LOTS of attendees who are single adults, couples with no kids, and of course, lots of adults with fur-babies. 

The festival is dog-friendly? 

Yes! We leave it to you to decide whether your pup can handle a crowd and loud music, but if your pooch is friendly, they are welcome—and there will be a few vendors there catering only to them. 

I am straight and cisgender - will I be welcome?

Of course! We love our allies! North Jersey Pride is meant to be a place where allies can proudly show their support and be fully part of the event, as opposed to spectators. If you are a supportive ally, this festival is for YOU. 

Will there be ASL interpretation for the hearing impaired? 

Yes, there will be an interpreter on the stage for the full length of the event. 

Will you have portajohns on site? 

Yes, we will have several units, including handicap-accessible, in two locations: 1) at the bottom of the hill on Oakview 2) on Dunnell Road at the top of the hill.

Maplewood Village Parking Map

Maplewood village parking map.jpeg
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