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This past year has seen an alarming surge in anti-transgender legislation, specifically targeting transgender youth. These laws aim to restrict their access to gender-affirming healthcare, participation in sports, and use of facilities that align with their gender identity. Such legislation not only creates barriers to healthcare but also fuels discrimination and marginalization. These vulnerable young people face the worst of the stigma and bias targeting the LGBTQIA+ community, and hrough book-burning, cyber-shaming and legal action, a vocal minority are attempting to silence them. 

We can't let that happen. We must amplify the voices of our transgender and nonbinary youth. 


On June 20th, in partnership with Family Connections, North Jersey Pride hosted the first of a series of youth-led panels to allow transgender and nonbinary teens to openly and honestly share their experiences, challenges, frustrations and joys. Whether you are the parent of a newly out transgender child, a longtime supporter or anywhere along the continuum of acceptance and understanding, we hope you will join us for a "Trans Youth Speak" panel to hear from and support these courageous children who will speak their truth. More dates will be announced soon. 

If you have a teen who might be interested in participating or would like to see a Trans Youth Speak panel in your NJ town, please email us.

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Trans Youth Speak!

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